OVEN degreaser with decarbonizing effect

OVEN degreaser with decarbonizing effect

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OVEN is a special degreaser with a decarbonizing effect, developed for use wherever food is cooked, processed and packaged. Its special formulation has a penetrating effect that softens carbon residues and stubborn fats extremely quickly and effectively. OVEN complies with the hygiene and health regulations in force (HACCP self-control system).

APPLICATIONS OVEN is excellent as an example for cleaning: Ovens, hotplates, grills, fryers, frying pans, pots, pans, trolleys, cutting boards and blocks for meat, kitchens and countertops, ducts, extractor hoods, filters, fireplaces, grills Due to the high concentration, it can also be diluted with water depending on the application and the extent of the dirt to be removed.

Ovens: Bring the oven to 90 °C and switch it off, spray the inside parts, close the door and leave to work for 10 minutes. Clean with an abrasive cloth and rinse with water using a sponge or cloth. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes before using it again.

Grill: Spray on the grates, leave for 10 minutes, clean with a cleaning cloth and rinse off. Preheat 10 minutes before use. Fryer: Turn off fryer, remove oil and remove debris. Spray on product and leave on for 10 minutes. Clean, rinse with water and dry.

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