A radiant smile with the new Aurodhea whitening toothpaste with aloe vera!

How do you get a bright and healthy smile?

Of course with our new whitening toothpaste with aloe vera! (CR33B)

The formula contains aloe vera and propolis for comprehensive oral hygiene - for the whole family .

The fluoride-free formula is suitable for both adults and children.

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to clean teeth and mouth due to its soothing effect on gums.
Thanks to its exceptional whitening and anti-inflammatory properties, it effectively removes plaque leaving a fresh and healthy mouth.

Propolis , with its natural antibacterial properties, works in synergy with aloe and helps prevent plaque build-up and discoloration on teeth.

And the result?

Healthier and whiter teeth, thorough oral hygiene and long-lasting fresh breath.